Abstract combined with Surrealism

2020 at The Spanish Barn, Torre Abbey, Torquay,Devon. October.

 think of myself as a painter, combining abstraction, surrealism with a dash of impressionism.

Inspiration is often taken from folklore, historic places, legends and mythology, all with a helping of fantasy.

My early years were spent living on Salisbury Plain, close to Stonehenge, this magical place was a generous source for legends and fantasy. Then a move to London with all the historical places, such as the Tower of London. Now Devon offers another narrative. with legends to feed the imagination, King Arthur and the magical Glastonbury. Visiting castles fires the imagination to create some new pieces.

Art for me, began at school in Wiltshire and gaining a place at the Salisbury School of Art, was a big moment for me. Here I gained  knowledge and the guidance of excellent mentors who improved my love of painting. Oils have always been a favourite, Flemish technique, which I still use in many of my works.

I have been involved with Art for many years, exhibiting and selling,internationally, including USA, Far East, Europe and UK.  Currently as Chair of Torbay Guild of Artists, I am proud to help to arrange exhibitions in Torbay and to enrich our local culture.  

Paintings and prints can be purchased from: Saatchi Art, Art2Arts, Artfinder, Arthub online. Contact me for my local gallery representations.

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